Professional Support

Effective business and estate planning cannot be done in a vacuum by one advisor. We work in collaboration with other advisors including accountants, bankers, insurance agents and investment advisors to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to meet a client’s goals and needs:

  • Designing Business and Estate Plans: Weaving creative illustration design and financial modeling into business and estate plans, we help accountants, insurance agents and investment advisors transform numbers into practical solutions for their clients.
  • Litigation Support: Whether your firm represents the plaintiff or defendant, there are times when complex issues involving financial products and life insurance become pivotal to the outcome of your case. As authors, speakers and individuals with significant leadership experience within the financial services industry, we have the credentials and expertise to provide litigation support.
  • Financial & Insurance Advisor Support: We have significant advanced underwriting and case design experience. We understand the interdependence and interplay of legal structures, tax planning and financial planning. Our experience comes from our years in private practice, and our years as in-house counsel for one of the most highly rated and respected financial service companies in the country. In these roles we have valuable hands-on experience designing and structuring complex life insurance arrangements that fund family trusts, buy-sell plans, deferred compensation agreements and family business succession plans.
  • ESOPs and Deferred Compensation Assessment: An employee stock ownership plan is an important strategy for a closely held business to understand. We can help you decide if it is a viable option for your company. If you already have an ESOP in place we can assist with annual compliance, including comprehensive repurchase liability studies. Finally, we have expertise in evaluating and implementing nonqualified deferred or incentive compensation plans for your key people.


“Bill is one of the best case design experts in the country. His creative, practical designs and enthusiasm give proposals the winning edge they need. His tactful approach and willingness to offer sample documents also makes it easy for us to get the client’s local attorney and accountant on board”.

Tom Brady Sr., Thomas Brady and Associates, San Mateo, California and Boston, Massachusetts

“It’s easy to refer clients to Bill, he’s very reasonably priced and offers quick turn-around. He’s also very knowledgeable of our business, so his legal advice is able to reinforce our role as the trusted advisor”.

Jeff Jarnes, Fortune Financial, Minneapolis, Minnesota